“Let us liberate ourselves from any form of control. Let us focus at the inner drum, where the rhythm aligns with that of our heart. The measure of responsibility equals to the need for evolution. Just listen, the inner child, let it whisper in your ear.” ― Grigoris Deoudis 

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We all are adults now and surrounded by so much hectic schedules and worries about so many things, some are busy in their higher studies, some are busy in their professional life’s, some are busy in getting married and so on. We have lot of responsibilities to fulfill towards our family, towards our friends, and for ourselves but somewhere during the process of completing these responsibilities we forgot to live our own life and to enjoy our own company.

We all are grown up now but growing does not mean that we have lost our childhood and I think we all have a child inside us and that inner child of us does not care about our age. The thing is we need to give that child freedom to enjoy and live its own journey and to annoy the peoples who are closed to us. There are time when we all feel that we need to share things which are making us worried to our close friends because we are not afraid of them that they will take it as joke in fact they will stand with us, just in the same way our inner child comes out with the person we are most comfortable with.

Let’s take my example, I have a child inside me who comes out when I am with my closest one and i am not afraid of reacting silly in front of them, I use to dance, sing loudly in such a irritating way and sometimes reacts like such a foolish girl and laugh madly making such a noisy sound and most important I use to even cry like a child in front of them if I feel frustrated or sad and all this happens not only in a close room but also roadside when we go to walk and they are perfectly okay with this kind of my nature, they don’t feel offended by such behavior of mine because they love me, they wants to see me happy. So I just want to say that give permission to yourself to play fearlessly without caring of what others will think, it will make your life even much better. Let me refer a perfect quote here –

Take those moments when something affects you deeply, or tickles your fancy, or peaks your curiosity, to give in and allow your Inner Child to explore, NO judgements, no role-playing, no need to impress. No adulting by modern standards.” ― Runa Pigden

I personally think that it is our inner child who becomes curious if something affects us deep inside and raise questions from us and try to find the ways to overcome the situations without making any judgments on ourselves. So, it is necessary to keep your inner child alive and well. While our adulthoods are a relentless assault of unrealistic demands and enormous responsibility, the ever curious inner child ask the vital questions, like, why is this important? And, will this make me happy?

There is a well known quote –

We nurture our creativity when we release our inner child. Let it run and roam free. It will take you on a brighter journey.”

We are parent of that child and it reacts as we want if we restrict that child to not come out then it will not but as a parent we should allow it to live and explore the life. Peoples think that if they will react like a child then what others will say that we are behaving immature and we don’t know how to take decisions because we are reacting childish but it’s not right because the child which live inside us lives for eternity, it never dies as I told you above age does not matter for that child. Someone rightly said that-

We does not stop play because we grow old. We grow old because we stop play.”

So, all I want to say is let your inner child comes out and let him play fearlessly, let him explore the life and stop thinking what others will think.

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