We all go through a special feeling at some point of time in our life “the feeling of love”. The feeling when we feel that we want nothing else, when we feel that I am top of the world, the feeling which makes us realize that I am the special one, which becomes the reason to live a happy life and the person whom we love becomes the reason of our mood swings.

We all fall in love once in our life. I also fell in love for a guy who was as weird as Kabir Singh and I was having dream to spend my life with him since my childhood. He was not aware of my feelings at all. Time passed and I started my higher studies and I was a girl with full of dreams of being successful and passionate. He was a guy with chilling attitude and with the qualities like calm, introvert, angry young man kind of attitude, he was just opposite of me but still strong feelings were there in my heart for him.

My mentality for him was why he will choose me over other girls because he was good looking, fashionable, and was living royal life with his royal friends and I was a girl with simplicity who was not aware about fashion, who never cared that how she is looks. Someone rightly said that if you want something from all of your heart, you will surely get that. So, one day suddenly I got a message on facebook and that was from him, and just a message from him made my day, I started talking to him and I don’t know it was destiny or love or something else but we both fall in love with each other madly, I got a man of my dreams, it was not less than a dream come true for me. I never thought that I will be so important to him, I will become part of his life and he was the one who changed himself a lot for me.

But we are humans, we do mistakes and correct them, we expect to be understood by the person whom we love. But in my case a mistake ruined our relationship but when two souls love each other truly, they cannot be separated. Because of that mistake they broken up with each other but they forget that it’s hard to live without each other. A true love can never get fade for any reason. But because of the ego and over thinking we try to forget that person who love us more than we love ourselves and all the memories they had together and all the dream of living together.

But I just wanted to say complete your love stories, don’t leave them incomplete because of your misunderstandings, and become the backbone of your relationship and don’t let them go if you love them truly, try as hard as possible to live a happy and a dream life with them.

At last I just wanted to say that-

My love story is beautiful with lots of love, care, arguments, cheating, mistakes, and fights and crying for each other still I don’t know about my love story whether it will complete or not but try hard to complete yours.

 “I will never regret you, or say I wish I would never met you because once upon a time you were exactly what I needed and what I wish for. – Pilli version        

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