“Give yourself permission to immediately walk away from anything that gives you bad vibes.”

We all have two different life, a professional life and a personal life and both are extremely different from each other but perfectly correlated with one another i.e. if something is happening in professional life then it will surely impact your personal life to some extent and it depends on your personality that what kind of person you are in carrying both life’s together. What I think is that the ultimate goal behind everything that we do in our life is just to have a peaceful and happy life. But having peaceful and happy life is fucking difficult, sometimes we actually lose our all hopes and desires of being happy as being happy is like an impossible in today’s world and we ourselves are the reason for making our life complicated.

We are busy in living our life in a way that is making our life complicated and leading us to the path on which we will get nothing but depression, frustration, regrets, and demotivation for the rest of our life and so on. We are busy in forming so much expectations before actions, busy in pleasing other, copying others rather than becoming best version of ourselves, and concentrating on what others are doing in their life than concentrating on our own life and we are in making others happy and avoiding our own happiness and scared of what others and the society will think if we will choose what we actually wants to do i.e. our own happiness. The same case is with the relations as we make so many relations in our life at different point of times and try to carry them to our whole life with full honesty and at some point of time there comes a situation when we scared of losing those relations, those peoples which are means a lot to us because we don’t do exactly what they want, because we have to compromise our ethics our way of living to make them happy and all the above we can’t be what we actually are in front of them because it is not acceptable to them.

But the question is what about our own happiness?, why we are busy in pleasing others,?why we are busy in copying other instead of being what you are?, why we are busy in making others happy?, why we are scared of losing peoples? if they are not ours, if they were then they will not let you go. Why we are compromising our goals to make others feel comfortable?, why we are think of society before doing something for ourselves?

We all have our own life, space, desires, goals, habits, hobbies, and some disqualities and all these makes us unique and different from others. But the point is whether we are pursuing all this in living our life. why we are resist to pursue what we love to do. Just give permission to yourself to live freely and on your own rules and on your own space. You don’t have to think about others, you don’t have to explain anything to others. Don’t let anyone give the power to control you. You are alone enough to accomplish your goal, just work hard. You are enough to make yourself happy.

First learn to love yourself then love others. If you can’t love and accept yourself as you are then you can’t achieve anything in your life for sure.  All I want to say is it’s okay to be selfish. It’s okay to be misunderstood.  It’s okay to not to do something and sitting idle for sometime. it’s okay to make changes in your goals, if required. It’s okay to lose someone if it is not worth it. It’s okay to hang out with friends if it makes you happy. It’s okay to have peace in your life as you right to have that. It is fact that you can’t make everyone happy at the same time so it’s okay to make yourself happy and to think about yourself over others.

It’s okay guys if you’re making mistakes in your life because mistakes leads us to the right path. Mistakes teach you the difference between write or wrong and will give you the chances to rise again and to correct. So, according to me-


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