“You become what you digest into your spirit. Whatever you think about, focus on, read about, and talk about, you’re going to attract more of into your life. Make sure they’re all positive.”                           ― Germany Kent

We all are different from each other and that is too in our own way because we all have different perspective about the things, we all react differently in different situations and we all have different way of treating peoples and giving importance to something and setting our priorities. Exactly like that we all have different visions and missions in our life and all this is because of our thinking process. Our life is all about the way we think.

Our way of living the life depends on what we think in our mind and how we see the life and what decision we make in life which are wholly influenced by our thought process. And most important our thought process is highly influenced by the environment in which we live and by the peoples we are surrounded with and their thinking, by our habits, by our inspirations. Our family also plays a very important role in our life such as our values and beliefs that we follow in life is somewhere are given by our family and it effects our thinking as our thinking is influenced by the values and ethics that we follow in life.

There are some peoples who thinks that life should be smooth going and they go with the flow of life, they are not ready to accept any complications and struggles in life, they are happy with whatever life is giving to them. They don’t have any desires and aims in life and it is because of their thinking which is limited to their values and beliefs which they follow and there are some peoples who are just want to grow and achieve something in life and they are not satisfied with what they have. This is just because their thought process is wide and their thought process get effected by each and everything that is going on in front of them. They inspire their thoughts from everything which they do, it may be reading or watching someone achieving something great and it may be their dreams, it may be a movie or series, it may be any incident, it may be any person.

Thinking may be negative or positive. There are peoples who see negative every time in everything. They are habitual of using words such as No, I can’t etc and this is because they think negative, their thoughts are limited to these words and they are so lazy and resist to change that they even don’t try to get over of this myth that life is going to be easy and smooth for them if they will not widen their thinking process and if they will not come out of their comfort box. And these kind of people struggle the whole life without achieving anything in their life thinking that they are happy and living easy life but this is not the reality. And on the other hand there are people who think before each and every action and who are not afraid of struggles and complications if they want to achieve something and want to do something in their life because they have such thinking process that they will do it for sure or even if it does not work then it is also fine because at least they tried and made themselves satisfied by doing that. It was not result in success but it gave them learning and experience. These kind of peoples are adaptable to different situations and ready to make changes in their thinking process according to requirement, surrounding and environment when needed. Someone rightly said that-

You are not a real thinker if your thoughts haven’t landed you in trouble yet”

What I want to say in whole discussion was just that what we do and what we will do in our life is just guided by our thoughts. Our actions are just the representation of our thinking process so, wherever you are in your life and what you are is just the result of the way you think. So you just need to remove the words “NO”, “I can’t” from your thinking and need to come out of your comfort box. It is your thinking that can make you the better person. Your thinking may lead you to the destination which you have dreamed off. Or sometimes your thinking becomes your identity and it makes you unique from others.

“LIFE IS ALL ABOUT THE WAY YOU THINK”, So think positive it will lead you towards the positive and happy life.

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