You Can’t Photoshop an Ugly Personality

Sometimes you just have to be done, Not Mad, Not Upset, Just Done!!


We all are surrounded by so many kind of peoples out there and the terrible part is each and every one of them have their own persona and their own Thinking, Values, beliefs and these all traits are part of their personality i.e. they judge every single moment on the basis of these traits or you can say on the basis of their personality. Worst part is everyone thinks that “I am right” and we see this culture everywhere, at our home between our family members and with friends and with our colleagues etc.

Now I am coming to fucking worst things i.e. when our Personality carries our EGO and this is the stage where we forget about what is right or wrong we just think that I am the King/Queen and how could I be wrong??  At this stage we are in the situation when we just try to prove ourselves right even if we are wrong and we know that irrespective of thinking that this could harm someone’s mental or emotional health in a fucking way and this is because they are just like that and these kind of peoples have very less emotions towards anything or anyone, they can choose any way to prove themselves right what I am trying to say is that this is their overall personality. Someone rightly said that-

“An  ugly personality will  always  ruin  a  beautiful  face

There are different personalities exist such as some peoples are like they are normal with every situation and they react normally and they don’t trust on intervening in any matter and there are peoples who raise their voices against wrong but very calmly and decently and then there comes peoples who raise their voices against wrong but the way of raising the voice seems lill bit toxic while they are fighting for the right but because of their tone of the voice they proved wrong themselves and the wrong one becomes right for everyone. Others have nothing to do with right or wrong because other peoples judge what they see without considering the fact but the personality of the person, even the tone of your voice can make you wrong while you are perfectly right. So, for being right you need to improve yourself and your each toxic trait that makes your personality bitter even when you are with the truth and right. There are peoples who neither thinks that they are wrong nor they are ready to understand the situation or the peoples and the consequences at any cost not because they don’t want to, it is because their personality don’t allow them to understand anything or anyone so for these kind of personalities you need to make changes in yourself so that you never get bother by their actions and reactions and to save yourself from the outcomes that could harm your mental peace and emotional health. It is rightly said that-

“It’s not that some people have willpower and some don’t, it’s that some people are ready to change and some are not.”

All I want to say is instead of fighting and proving yourself we should choose the way where there are no fights and bitterness and we should ready to accept others values and beliefs if they are right keeping aside your EGO , it’s better to choose right then being a reason of someone’s mental or  emotional breakdown. And  the most important part is as we all know learning never ends so why we stop ourselves in our own world, we all should be ready to change ourselves according to situation and the peoples you are surrounded with otherwise you will lose your mental peace and morals of your life and if you don’t accept the change then you will also turn to be a UGLY PERSONALITY.

“The beauty on the inside, will determine the ugly on the outside.”                                                                             –  Anthony Liccione

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